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WellRx, Personalized Wellness
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Private label websites, API integrations
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Pharmacy Pricing Portal
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ScriptSave Connect 
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We provide prescription savings solutions, useful tools, and decision support to help people conveniently fill prescriptions, save on out-of-pocket costs, and manage their medication regime.

Whether you are a business, health plan, or an individual, we can help save you money on prescription medications.

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potential prescription savings of 80% or more


Cardholders can save 60%, and, in some cases, can be 80% or more* on prescriptions at nearly every pharmacy in the US. All members, regardless of their insurance status, can participate in the program and save on prescriptions. There are no limits on how many times the card can be used and it never expires.

Our network includes 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. ScriptSave continues to administer pharmacy loyalty programs for 1 out of 3 pharmacies in America.

With multiple network solutions, ScriptSave works strategically to evolve products and services, build new programs, and develop next generation platforms that fit the ever-changing needs of clients. ScriptSave offers custom and open networks, along with standard and custom benefit designs.

No other company has ScriptSave's broad customer base, which offers a unique view of the marketplace. This strategic positioning provides more contacts, depth of knowledge, and resources than any other company in the industry.

Our programs provide real savings to all, whether insured, under-insured or uninsured. Patients, members and customers can 60%, and, in some cases, can be 80% or more* on their medications. Seniors can reduce the cost of prescriptions that are excluded from Medicare Part D.

We provide timely data that can help shape business strategy, including aggregated savings information, details about consumer buying behavior and trends in the medications used by your customers or members.

2 out of 3 pharmacies in America have trusted ScriptSave to administer their loyalty programs. As a member of the MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. family of companies, we have the resources to invest in the most advanced technology, analytics, expertise and customer service in the industry.

Drug costs are one of the leading causes of patient non-compliance. Our prescription savings programs keep medication costs low, ensuring higher adherence rates and improved health.

* based on 2018 national program savings data.



    ScriptSave offers more than just prescription discounts. Our medication management and wellness tools, available on our website, mobile app, and through our custom API, help improve the lives of consumers through better prescription adherence.

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    ScriptSave WellRx provides:

    • A prescription savings card that offers instant savings at the register on both brand name and generic prescription medication. Use the card to save on prescriptions for everyone in your household -- including pets!
    • No enrollment fee and no limits on usage.
    • Built-in medication management tools, health information, and physician videos.
    • A pharmacy discount network of 65,000 participating pharmacies across the country, including chain and independent retail pharmacies.

    ScriptSave WellRx Lite offers:

    A consumer-facing portal for medication pricing and ID card generation.

    ScriptSave WellRx Premier:

    ScriptSave WellRx Premier is a customized program for pharmacies, health plans, and other organizations. By helping members save on prescription costs, organizations can earn goodwill and build profitable, long-term relationships.



    ScriptSave Personalized Wellness provides grocery purchase recommendations based on health conditions.

    Personalized Wellness

    Integrated into both the ScriptSave WellRx app and website, personalized wellness features allow you to:

    • Set allergen and dietary preferences, select health goals and find foods that are personalized to your profile.
    • Browse by category. Find foods that are nutritionally aligned with your health goals. 
    • Scan the UPC on a food package to get detailed, easy to read nutrition information.
    • See the ScriptSave WellRx Food Index to quickly understand how aligned a food is to your health goals.
    • Discover Better for You Foods. Find similar products that score even higher on the food index.
    • Receive alerts to let you know if a food contains allergens or does not fit with your dietary preferences.
    • Save items to your favorites list to easily locate them later.

    ScriptSave Connect is an automatic re-pricing tool integrated into existing funded benefit plans. With ScriptSave Connect, the information and technology is hosted on ScriptSave's secure servers. Clients have the option to send ScriptSave all of their data claims, and ScriptSave processes discounts only on rejected claims, or they can send only the rejected claims for discount processing.

    Download ScripSave Connect Overview (PDF)  Download ScripSave Connect Overview (PDF)


    The ScriptSave network includes 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. 2 of every 3 pharmacies have trusted ScriptSave to administer pharmacy loyalty programs across America.

    Pharmacy Pricing Portal

    The ScriptSave Pharmacy Pricing Portal provides pricing transparency that allows pharmacists to inform patients when a better price is available for their prescription medication.

    Custom API's

    Our easy-to-integrate custom API's (Application Programming Interface) can quickly pull in the most current prescription pricing into a pharmacy's system.

    Loyalty Programs

    2 out of 3 pharmacies have trusted ScriptSave to administer their in-store loyalty programs to increase foot traffic, build customer loyalty, and increase sales. By keeping drug costs low, patients can better afford their prescriptions, and seek refills at the same pharmacy.

    Analytics and Claims Processing

    ScriptSave provides the pricing analysis and claims processing expertise that helps power Rx savings programs for a number of 3rd parties. For more information about how we might be able to help with your own discount card program, contact [email protected]


    A convenient app to allow caregivers "prescribe" prescription discounts.

    ScriptSave WellRx App for Healthcare Providers:

    Using the ScriptSave WellRx app for healthcare providers, caregivers can "prescribe" WellRx prescription discounts and medication adherence tools directly to patients, helping ensure better medication adherence and improved health outcomes.


    ScriptSave offers a membership program with deeper discounts for a monthly access fee.


    Improve Member Adherence

    Lower prices increase the likelihood that members will have their prescriptions filled, follow their prescribed regimens, and experience better health outcomes. For a health plan, better member adherence yields lower long term costs.

    Comprehensive View of Prescription Use

    ScriptSave incorporates all transaction data into a member's history.

    Improve Member Satisfaction

    ScriptSave's integrated solutions provide members deep savings on excluded medications, resulting in higher customer satisfaction with their plan.


    In today's marketplace, consumers are constantly looking for value. The ScriptSave Pre-Pay program allows consumers to prepay for the prescriptions through an online voucher-based system.


    Simple to Use

    Customers can pay online with ScriptSave WellRx Pre-Pay and pick up at a participating pharmacy.

    Lowest Generic Pricing

    ScriptSave WellRx Pre-Pay offers everyday low Rx pricing and pick up at select local pharmacies.

    Better Health Outcomes

    High drug costs are the greatest cause of patient non-compliance. With a ScriptSave Pre-Pay, more customers will be able to afford their medications promoting drug compliance and better health for your customers.

  • Pharmacy Portal

    With the gag clause rule being lifted in 2018, patients expect transparency from their pharmacist when inquiring about their medication pricing. Now is the time to help patients realize the savings the ScriptSave WellRx Prescription Savings Program may provide, compared to their insurance copay.

    Being transparent with patients brings trust and clarity, and allows pharmacists to focus on providing a positive experience for patients.

    • ScriptSave Pharmacy Portal tools facilitate medication education that enable the pharmacist to advocate for the patient with alternative pricing and adherence support
    • Pharmacists can provide patients with pricing, enabling them to have more informed conversations with their prescribing physicians; for example, in relation to generic alternatives
    • No switch fees to check pricing or generate reversals
    • No need for “dummy” profiles – reducing the need for reversals
    • Helps protect complex automated inventory assets and systems
    • Price checks outside of the dispensing system reduces the risk of sending inaccurate information to the State Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)
    • Openly inform patients when a better price is available
    • Custom-developed to seamlessly integrate into the pharmacy’s existing workflow and system infrastructure
    • Designed with client input for maximum efficiency




Discounts are available exclusively through participating pharmacies. The range of the discounts will vary depending on the type of prescription and the pharmacy chosen. This program does not make payments directly to pharmacies. Members are required to pay for all prescription purchases. Cannot be used in conjunction with insurance. You may contact customer care anytime with questions or concerns, to cancel your registration, or to obtain additional information. This program is administered by Medical Security Card Company, LLC, Tucson, AZ.

350 S. Williams Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85711

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ScriptSave provides prescription savings solutions and decision support tools to help close the gaps in prescription coverage for the insured, uninsured, and under-insured and their families. Pharmacies, employers, health plans, non-profits and other organizations across the nation rely on our solutions to deliver instant prescription cost savings to members.